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Are you looking for a more personalized portable solar system? We can customize a system to fit your needs. We encourage you to email us, call, or fill out our contact form so we can personally discuss what your system needs.


* Systems that weigh 150 pounds, or more, must be shipped via Freight and cannot be ordered directly from the website. Please call 770-639-2244 for shipping costs.

Powerenz Briefcase

Powerenz Briefcase delivers 96 watts/8 amps, monocrystalline solar cells, 20-watt/18-volt folding unit, with a 3-watt LED light.
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Product Details

Powerenz Briefcase will deliver up to 96 watts/8 amps of power/current via one 12-volt cigarette lighter socket, 120 wattsof 120-volt/60 Hz power via one standard 3-prong AC outlet, and is best suited to provide power for laptops, communication radios, battery chargers, media players, iPhones/Pads, Tablets, small power tools, energy-efficient lights, etc. If the power draw of your electronic device is 30 watts, the battery will last approximately 5 hours in the absence of incoming solar power before it needs to be recharged. The cigarette lighter socket and the AC outlet may be used simultaneously. The battery, solar charge controller, inverter, control panel, LED light and switch, operational LCD display screen, master power ON-OFF switch, and 20-watt fold out solar panel are built into and enclosed in a water-resistant (IP65) and dust-proof hard case.

Powerenz Briefcase comes with: Battery: 16 amp-hour, 177.6 watt-hour lithium polymer unit. The current/power output from the battery is limited to 16 amps/177 watts. Recharge the battery every 3-4 months until it is completely charged, and do not allow the digital state-of-charge indicator to drop to 0%.

Solar Charge Controller:10-amp PWM unit.

Solar panel: monocrystalline 20-watt/18-volt folding unit that will require 16 hours of peak sunlight to recharge the battery from empty to full, and that is built into the hard case.

AC-powered battery charger: 3-amp "smart" unit that is built into the hard case, and that operates via 120 volts AC. To charge the battery via an AC receptacle, included is one "Figure of 8" extension cable that plugs directly into the control panel.

Inverter: continuous 120-watt (momentary peak 150-watt) pure sine wave unit.

Control panel: encloses one 3-prong AC outlet (120 watts), one AC-charging port, one 12-volt DC cigarette lighter socket (5-8 amps), two 12-volt DC 5.5 x 2.1 mm power plug ports (3 amps each), one 5.5 x 2.1 mm solar power input port that will accomodate an extra solar panel that produces up to 4 amps, a pair of standard Type A USB ports, and ON-OFF switches for AC and DC power outputs. The maximum combined output from the cigarette lighter socket and the two 12-volt DC power plug ports is 13 amps. The control panel has a "water-resistant" safety cover that opens and closes via a pair of turn knobs.

Case: water-resistant (IP65) and dust-proof hard case in either olive drab green or dark charcoal grey/black that has a heavy-duty carrying handle, and that measures 15.75 x 12.21 x 4.14 inches in external dimensions.

LED: one 3-watt LED light that is located on one side of the hard case, that is controlled by an ON-OFF button that is located on top of the hard case, and that can be set to flash, remain illuminated, or be off.

LCD display: indicates battery charge capacity indicator, charging status, errors, and AC and DC power output status.

USB: pair of standard Type A USB charge ports, the combined output current of which is 2 amps.

User Manual: a digital detailed description of the operations of the product.

The system weighs 12.5 pounds.

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     Powerenz, Inc. accepts payments via PayPal, credit cards via PayPal, cashier's/bank checks, USPS money orders, bank wire transfers, company checks, and personal checks.  Payment by check must "clear" before any system leaves our shop. 

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* Systems that weigh 150 pounds, or more, must be shipped via Freight and cannot be ordered directly from the website. Please call 770-639-2244 for shipping costs.

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