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Inspired by our passion for self-sufficiency, independence, and sustainability, Powerenz is dedicated to revolutionizing how people incorporate solar energy solutions into their daily lives. We understand the significance of solar power as a solid financial investment into the future of research, families, businesses, organizations, and communities worldwide. 

Powerenz portable solar systems offer everything you need to power your equipment and devices. Our products are top-rated and lightweight. Powerenz generator systems are designed with solar charge controllers, batteries, complete wiring, DC and/or AC power access points, and carrying cases or packs. Each of our solar generators is shipped ready to use and tested to ensure that they are good to go when you are.

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Our mission is to provide portable solar power solutions to anyone in any unexpected circumstance or situation. All of our solar systems are lightweight, durable, and produce the power needed to keep your devices and equipment charged and ready to use. 

Our solar generators and solar panels have helped numerous types of customers achieve their remote power needs, including the following:

  • Nature documentarians

  • Movie crews

  • Military organizations

  • Aircraft pilots

  • Disaster and survival rescue teams

  • Scientific research crews

  • Campers

  • Backpackers

  • Photographers

  • Healthcare providers

  • And more!

Our goal is to support our customers in all situations. Our passion for renewable energy sources has always fueled our passion for building and growing a company that delivers innovative products. 

Our Motto is: As long as the sun shines, you will be the one who has power to keep your electronic devices operational when you need them the most.

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We're dedicated to revolutionizing how people use solar energy in their daily lives.

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