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Powerenz portable solar systems paired with our solar panels will provide you with long-lasting power to keep your devices and equipment charged.

How Can Powerenz Help?

At Powerenz, we provide custom portable solar panel systems that will give you long-lasting, reliable power. Our solar panels are ultra-lightweight, foldable & can provide the power you need to get the job done, no matter where you are. We have a background in developing portable power systems for various applications, from recreational, military, scientific & medical research, film crew & photography to backpacking and camping. Each of our systems is durable, portable, and has the power you need to keep your devices and equipment charged and ready to use.

Philippine village using Powerenz water
teenage boy with portable solar panel and back pack

Emergency Preparedness

Portable solar power can be used nearly anytime and is especially useful during a wide range of emergency circumstances.

  • Camping adventures, long backpacking treks, or mountaineering expeditions.

  • In emergency situations where cell phones and important communication devices are needed during times of natural disasters and other calamities.

  • Research equipment while in remote areas where grid power is unavailable.

  • During prolonged blackouts due to grid failure.

  • Military organizations and remote operations.

Such situations are exactly where and when portable solar power systems save the day. Conventional grid power is unavailable and/or inaccessible in many places.  Portable solar power systems convert sunshine into electricity, store it, and make it available to be used when it is needed during any situation or circumstance.  As the phrase suggests, portable solar power systems are mobile and are designed to be easy to carry and/or move around.  As long as the sun shines, you will be the one who has power to keep your electronic devices operational when you need them the most.


The Prepper movement has been around for at least 80-90 years. Preppers are individuals who actively plan and make themselves ready for emergencies, including disruptions in social or political order, on scales from local to international, loss of jobs, being stranded in the wild or under adverse weather conditions, pandemics, changes in climate, shortages of water and food, natural disasters, financial disasters, and states of war. During the first peek of the Coronavirus pandemic in the Spring of 2020, KDR from a prepper networking group in North Georgia reached out to Powerenz for information about portable solar power systems.  KDR requested a product that is rugged, durable, reliable, works first time – every time, efficient, lightweight, easy to carry by one person, simple and fast to set up and take down, manufactured in the USA, and weather and water tolerant.  Electronic devices that would be used included communication radios, cell and satellite phones, flashlights, headlamps, various radios, coolers to store medical supplies, battery chargers, handheld GPS, water filters and purifiers, night vision systems, desalinators for those near the coast, digital cameras, radiation dosimeter, and laptop computers. 


male holding first aid prepper kit
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