LED Lights

Off-Grid LED Lights 

     LED lighting is useful in a variety of situations, whether you're using them to light your property, in an emergency, while camping, or you're simply looking to reduce your energy usage.

     At Powerenz, we can provide a variety of LED lighting options, all of which are powered by portable solar power systems. These lights come in a variety strengths, from small lights capable of illuminating a room, to more powerful lights that can be hung from anything, to hand-held flashlights that feature built-in, rechargeable battery packs.


portable LED lights

rechargeable LED lights

portable solar panels

In the photos below, one can see a high-efficiency 3-watt LED that can be plugged into any 12-volt cigarette lighter socket, and that comes with a caribiner built into its extension cord so that it can be hanged from almost anything.

camping LED lights

    emergency LED light

In the photos below, one can see the Powerenz LED lighting system that comes with its own built-in rechargeable battery pack and other accessories, and that can be recharged with a small, lightweight, foldable solar panel.

waterproof LED light

portable LED lights

All of the above products are available.  Please call us at 770 639 2244 for questions and comments.



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