Marine Solar Power

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Marine Solar Power 

In the photo below, one can see the solar panel in green jungle camouflage, unfolded, the mil-spec hard case in olive drab, the AC-powered battery charger, and the connector extension cable that links solar panel to battery.


In the photo below, one can see the solar panel folded and leaning against the hard case, the AC-powered battery charger, and the cigarette lighter socket adapter.

In the photo below, one can see the solar power input and 12-volt DC output adapters implanted in the side wall of the hard case, and that they are capped.

In the photo below, one can see the solar power input and 12-volt DC output connectors plugged into the hard case.

      This waterproof system will deliver a maximum of 180 watts/15 amps of power via one 12-volt cigarette lighter socket until the battery runs out of energy.  If the power draw of your electronic device is 60 watts, the battery will last approximately 4 hours in the absence of incoming solar power before it needs to be recharged, longer if the power draw is less.  If the current draw from the cigarette lighter socket exceeds 15 amps, a 15-amp standard automobile ATC blade fuse will blow, and will need to be replaced (simple to do; extras included).    

     The battery and solar charge controller are enclosed in a water-, crush-, and dust-proof hard case.  The solar panel and AC-powered battery charger remain outside of the case.  Marine Solar Power comes with: Battery: 26 amp-hour (312 watt-hour) AGM sealed lead acid.  Solar Charge Controller: 7.5-amp unit that is protected by a 10-amp glass AGU fuse (extras included).  Solar panel: one CE-certified, foldable 64.8-watt/3.6-amp unit in jungle camouflage that weigh 6.4 pounds, that will require 5-6 hours of peak sunlight to completely recharge the battery if it is depleted, that measures 66.4 x 31.5 inches when deployed, and that measures 15.4 x 11.4 x 2.4 inches when folded.  To charge the battery via a standard AC receptacle, included is one 3-amp, AC-powered battery charger, the alligator clamps of which attach directly to the terminals of the battery (with the lid of the hard case open).  Case: Fed-Std-101C, ATA 300, and MIL-STD-810F-approved hard case in olive drab. The solar power input and 12-volt DC power output connectors are implanted into a sidewall of the hardcase, allowing its operation to proceed in a waterproof manner with the lid of the hard case closed.


     The entire system weighs 30.6 pounds.  When off-grid, the AC-powered battery charger may be left behind, and the system then weighs 30 pounds.


     The system does not include an inverter to supply AC power.  If 120-volts AC power is required, an inverter rated to deliver no more than 150 watts may be added to the system.


     Powerenz specializes in customizing all of the options for your off-grid solar system.  Call us to discuss how we can design an off-grid solar system to meet your unique situation, 770.639.2244.