Perpetual Electric Power

     Perpetual Electric Power

     Powerenz, Inc. offers standard and custom larger solar power systems to supply the user with perpetual electric power for their portable electronic devices.  As long as the sun shines, our systems will generate electricity anywhere.  To discuss our solar powered generator options and how we can design a unit to meet your exact needs, please call us at 770 639 2244.


Powerenz LFP40 Waterproof System

Powerenz LFP40 Waterproof System      In the two photos below, one can see the hard case, the foldable solar panel folded, and the extension cable that connects the folding solar panel to the charge …

Powerenz LFP40 Hard Case System

     Powerenz LFP40 Hard Case System In the photograph below, one can see (from left to right) the 88-watt high-efficiency foldable solar panel, the hard case in leafy woodland camouflage th…

Portable Solar Power System - 48-138W

Powerenz Portable Solar Charging System, LiPo48 - 138W      In the photo below, one can see the LiPo48-50W hard case opened with the built-in 50 watt fold out solar panel unfolded, and the addit…

Desert Flare

     Desert Flare In the three photos below, one can see the two mil spec hard cases that enclose the battery and electronics.  The pair of 150-watt, high-efficiency, foldable solar&nb…

Desert Heat

Desert Heat      This portable solar power system can provide up to 360 watts of modified sine wave 120VAC power, and is best suited to provide power for all small and medium size elect…

Metal Storm

Metal Storm   This is a Power House!   In the photo below, one can see four 88-watt/5-amp, high-efficiency, foldable solar panels unfolded and in the background, and the mil-spec hard case with its lid …