Solar Battery Charger

     Solar Battery Charger

     Powerenz, Inc. offers a wide range of portable solar power systems that are designed to meet your battery charging and power needs.  To discuss how a solar battery charger may be designed to  perform for your exact application, please call us at 770 639 2244.


FireFly Ultralight - 5W

FireFly Ultralight - 5W      This Portable Solar Power System can be carried during events where high energy density and minimal weight are critical, and is best suited to provide power for smal…

FireFly UltraLight - 6W

FireFly Ultralight - 6W In the photo below, one can see the 6-watt solar panel in army green, folded, the carrying bag in khaki, opened and showing the 12-volt DC cigarette lighter socket, and the extension cable that l…

FireFly UltraLight - 36W

FireFly UltraLight - 36W In the photo below, one can see a 36-watt solar panel in digital green-brown camouflage unfolded and recharging the battery pack.  This system for sale comes with a 36-watt solar panel in s…

Solar Flare

Solar Flare In the photo below, one can see the fire-retardant bag labeled "LiPo Guard" that encloses the 160 watt-hour lithium polymer battery, the 150-watt inverter that should always be used with this …

Powerenz LiPo 16 - 20W

Powerenz LiPo 16 - 20W      In the photo below, one can see the waterproof portable solar power case with its lid open exposing the built-in 20-watt solar array, and the control panel with its waterp…

Powerenz LiPo 16 - 56W

Powerenz LiPo 16 - 56W ***We have just one of these systems left in stock.  The last remaining 36-watt high-efficiency lightweight foldable solar panel comes in digital green-brown camouflage instead of solid black…

LFP17 Sling Pack

Powerenz LFP17 Sling Pack In the photo below, one can see the 30-watt mil-spec solar panel unfolded, the sling pack opened and showing the cigarette lighter socket, the 3-amp AC-powered battery charger, and a 1…

Powerenz LFP40 Waterproof System

Powerenz LFP40 Waterproof System      In the two photos below, one can see the hard case, the solar panel folded, and the extension cable that connects the solar panel to the charge controller for ch…

Powerenz LiPo 48 - 50W

 Powerenz LiPo 48 - 50W      In the photo below, one can see the hard case opened and laying on the ground, the 50-watt solar array unfolded, and the cover of the control panel opened exposing a…

Powerenz LiPo 48 - 110W

Powerenz LiPo 48 - 110W      In the photo below, one can see the LiPo48-50W hard case opened with the built-in 50-watt solar panel unfolded, and the additional 60-watt high-efficiency solar pane…

Metal Storm

Metal Storm   In the photo below, one can see a pair of 88-watt/5-amp, high-efficiency, foldable solar panels unfolded and in the background, and the mil-spec hard case with its lid opened.  The mil-…