Portable Solar Power for CPAP machines

     Powerenz, Inc. offers portable solar power systems that will provide power for nearly any brand or type of CPAP machine.  For those of you who have not been able to enjoy outdoor and off-grid camping, wilderness travel, or any sort of extended stays in remote locations, our systems will allow you to enjoy those activities.  To discuss how we can design a unit to solar power a CPAP machine to meet your unique needs, please call us at 770.639.2244.  Before you call, it would be very helpful if you could tell us the power draw requirements of your CPAP machine, i.e. voltage, watts and/or amps, for how many hours each night you like to sleep, the location where you intend to use your system, and for how many consecutive nights you intend to need a system.  If possible, it is more energy-efficient to operate your CPAP machine using 12-volt DC power rather than using AC power, so please try to find a 12-volt DC adapter or an automobile DC adapter for your CPAP machine.  It is the single adapter that you would use if you were going to plug your CPAP machine directly into the cigarette lighter socket in your automobile.


Solar Flare

Solar Flare In the photo below, one can see the fire-retardant bag labeled "LiPo Guard" that encloses the 160 watt-hour lithium polymer battery, the 150-watt inverter that should always be used with this …

LFP17 Sling Pack

Powerenz LFP17 Sling Pack In the photo below, one can see a 30-watt mil-spec solar panel unfolded, the sling pack opened and showing the cigarette lighter socket, the 3-amp AC-powered battery charger, and a 150…

Powerenz LFP40 Waterproof Camouflage Hard Case System

     Powerenz LFP40 Waterproof Camouflage Hard Case System In the photograph below, one can see (from left to right) the 88-watt high-efficiency foldable solar panel, the hard case in leafy woodl…

Powerenz LFP40 Waterproof System

Powerenz LFP40 Waterproof System      In the two photos below, one can see the hard case, the solar panel folded, and the extension cable that connects the solar panel to the charge controller for ch…

Powerenz LFP40 Sling Pack - 176-watt System

Powerenz LFP40 Sling Pack - 176-watt System In the photo below, one can see the pair of high-efficiency 88-watt foldable solar panels being used to recharge the LFP40 battery pack that is enclosed in the sling pack …

Powerenz LiPo 48 - 110W

Powerenz LiPo 48 - 110W      ***This system is out of stock and is being upgraded/improved.  We are uncertain when it will become available again. In the photo below, one can see the LiPo48-50W…