Powerenz, Inc. offers portable solar power solutions that are designed specifically for mobile military applications, and that include extra heavy-duty components, extra padding, durable sling and backpack enclosures, mil-spec lightweight foldable solar panels if necessary, mil-spec protective hard cases if necessary, and lightweight lithium batteries.  As long as there is sunshine, the soldier will have power to operate communication radios, recharge batteries, etc.  To discuss how we can customize a unit to meet the off-grid solar power needs of the US military, please call us at 770 639 2244.


Portable Solar Panels - 30 Watt

30 Watt Solar Panels ***This solar panel comes in 1- and 2-cell versions.  The 1-cell version is in stock.  The 2-cell version is out of stock. In the four photos below, one can see the 30-watt, 1-cell,&nbs…

High-Efficiency Foldable Solar Panel - 88 watt

     High-Efficiency Foldable Solar Panel - 88 watt ***These superior solar panels are on sale for a limited length of time for $489/each plus shipping In the photos below, one can see the high-ef…

Portable Solar Panel - 120-watt

  Powerenz Solar Panel - 120 Watt      *** This panel comes in either nominal 12-volt or 24-volt, and requires an appropriate solar charge controller to recharge 12-volt or 24-volt b…

150 Watt Solar Panel

150 Watt Solar Panel Charging System ***This solar panel comes in 5- and 10-cell versions.      In the photo below, one can see the unfolded 150-watt, 5-cell, high-efficiency, lightweight fol…

300 Watt Solar Panel

Powerenz 300 Watt Solar Panel Charging System In the photo below, one can see the unfolded 300-watt solar panel laying on the grass is high-efficiency, lightweight and foldable.      This high-…

USB Solar Charger - 12W Powerhouse

Powerenz Solar USB Charger      For the discerning end user who must have the best and most durable system for their off-grid use of USB-charged devices, this USB solar charging system is ideally …

Desert Flare

     Desert Flare In the three photos below, one can see the two mil spec hard cases that enclose the battery pack and electronics, and the pair of 150-watt, high-efficiency, foldable solar …

Water Purifier - Survivor Pro

 Water Purifier - Survivor Pro      Designed to produce safe drinking water in any type of emergency, this system is able to purify fresh water from lakes, ponds, large puddles, rivers, streams, …

Military Solar Battery Charger System

Military Battery Solar Charging System In the photo below, one can see the Charge Cap (tan) applied to the top of a BB390 NiMH battery, and the 120-watt/36-volt high-efficiency solar panel to the right. &nb…