Mobile Military Solar Power

     When you're out on a mission, you can't worry about where your next equipment recharge is going to come from.  You have a job to do, and you need the gear to get it done right.

     At Powerenz, we design portable solar power systems that are specifically engineered for a wide range of mobile military applications.  Featuring extra heavy-duty components, extra padding, durable sling and backpack enclosures, mil-spec foldable lightweight solar panels, mil-spec protective hard cases, and ultra-light lithium batteries, our solar power generators provide the durable, portable power that you need.

     Contact us now to discuss how we can customize a solar power system to suit your military demands.


Orion Arm

      Orion Arm portable solar power system         Orion Arm portable solar power system is designed to recharge the rechargeable BB and UB series militar…

High-Efficiency Foldable Solar Panel - 88 - watt

     High-Efficiency Foldable Solar Panel - 88 - watt In the photos below, one can see the high-efficiency foldable solar panel in two camouflage patterns, unfolded, from the front, and f…

Desert Flare

     Desert Flare In the three photos below, one can see the two mil spec hard cases that enclose the battery and electronics.  The pair of 150-watt, high-efficiency, foldable solar&nb…

Desert Heat

Desert Heat      This portable solar power system can provide up to 360 watts of modified sine wave 120VAC power, and is best suited to provide power for all small and medium size elect…

Military Solar Battery Charger System

Military Battery Solar Charging System In the photo below, one can see the Charge Cap (tan) applied to the top of a BB2590 Lithium battery, and the 120-watt/36-volt high-efficiency solar panel to the right. …