Mobile Military Solar Power

When you're out on a mission, you can't be worrying about where your next equipment recharge is going to come from. You have a job to do, and you need the gear to get it done right.

At Powerenz, we design portable solar power systems that are specifically engineered for a wide range of mobile military applications. Featuring extra heavy-duty components, extra padding, durable sling and backpack enclosures, mil-spec foldable lightweight solar panels, mil-spec protective hard cases, and ultra-light lithium batteries, our solar power generators provide the durable, portable power that you need.

Contact us now to discuss how we can customize a solar power system to suit your military demands.


Portable Solar Panels - 30 Watt

30 Watt Solar Panels ***This solar panel comes in 1- and 2-cell versions.  The 1-cell version is in stock.  The 2-cell version is out of stock. In the four photos below, one can see the 30-watt, 1-cell,&nbs…

Powerenz Solar Panel - 60-watt

60-watt Solar Panel In the four photos below, one can see the 60-watt high-efficiency, lightweight foldable solar panels folded and laying on the grass (in the middle of 3 panels), then the unfolded 60-watt panel in the…

High-Efficiency Foldable Solar Panel - 88 - watt

     High-Efficiency Foldable Solar Panel - 88 - watt ***These superior solar panels are on sale for a limited length of time for $489/each plus shipping In the photos below, one can see the …

Portable Solar Panel - 120-watt

  Powerenz Solar Panel - 120 Watt      *** This panel comes in either nominal 12-volt or 24-volt, and requires an appropriate solar charge controller to recharge 12-volt or 24-volt b…

150 Watt Solar Panel

150 Watt Solar Panel Charging System ***This solar panel comes in 5- and 10-cell versions.      In the photo below, one can see the unfolded 150-watt, 5-cell, high-efficiency, lightweight fol…

300 Watt Solar Panel

Powerenz 300 Watt Solar Panel Charging System In the photo below, one can see the unfolded 300-watt solar panel laying on the grass is high-efficiency, lightweight and foldable.      This high-e…

USB Solar Charger - 12W Powerhouse

Powerenz Solar USB Charger      For the discerning end user who must have the best and most durable system for their off-grid use of USB-charged devices, this USB solar charging system is ideally …

Desert Flare

     Desert Flare In the three photos below, one can see the two mil spec hard cases that enclose the battery pack and electronics, and the pair of 150-watt, high-efficiency, foldable solar …

Water Purifier - Survivor Pro

 Water Purifier - Survivor Pro      Designed to produce safe drinking water in any type of emergency, this system is able to purify fresh water from lakes, ponds, large puddles, rivers, streams, …

Military Solar Battery Charger System

Military Battery Solar Charging System In the photo below, one can see the Charge Cap (tan) applied to the top of a BB390 NiMH battery, and the 120-watt/36-volt high-efficiency solar panel to the right. &nb…