Metal Storm

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Metal Storm


This is a Power House!


In the photo below, one can see four 88-watt/5-amp, high-efficiency, foldable solar panels in the background, and the mil-spec hard case with its lid closed.  The mil-spec hard case encloses all of the components of the system except the solar panels.




      Metal Storm will deliver a maximum of 600 continuous watts of modified sine wave AC power via a 12-volt DC – 115-volt, 60Hz, modified sine wave AC power inverter until the battery runs out of energy.  The peak allowable power at any given moment is 950 watts.  If the combined power draw of your AC-powered electronic devices is 150 watts, the battery will last approximately 6 hours in the absence of incoming solar power before it needs to be recharged.  If the momentary power draw from the inverter exceeds 950 watts, the inverter will automatically shut down until the load is removed.  At 960 watts or higher, or an overcurrent condition or short circuit, the protective fuse will blow and will need to be replaced (simple to do; extras included) once the problem is fixed.  


     The battery, solar charge controllers, power distributor, DC-AC power inverter, wiring, and accessories are housed in a durable protective carrying case.  The folding solar panels remain outside of the case.  Metal Storm comes with: Case: FED-STD-101C, ATA300, and MIL-STD-810F-certified, solid, water-, dust-, and crush-proof case in black that is equipped with wheels and a retractable extension handle, and that measures 24.6 x 19.7 x 11.7 inches in external dimensions.  The system components are secured and padded inside the case by custom-configured foam.  Battery: one high-quality 97 amp-hour (1164 watt-hours) Gel sealed lead acid unit.  Charge controllers: a pair of 10.5-amp/140-watt MPPT units.  If the system is not to be used, or is to be stored away for a prolonged period of time, power to the charge controller can be interrupted by removing the 20-amp AFS fuses (easy to do).  To do so will remove power to the controller, and will prevent over-drainage of the battery.  To solar charge the battery, the 20-amp AFS fuses must be installed into their holders (easy to do).  Power inverter: continuous 600-watt, surge 950-watt, modified sine wave unit.  Solar panels: four superior, high-efficiency, foldable 88-watt (352 watts/20 amps max) that are linked together by included custom connector cable systems, will require 4-5 hours of optimal peak sunlight to completely recharge the battery from empty to full, and that can be folded up and packed away in seconds when rapid deployment is necessary.  For more details about the solar panels, please see  The extension cable-connectors that link the solar panels to the hard case are included and enclosed inside the hard case.  The solar power input connectors are implanted in the sidewall of the hardcase, and allows the user to solar charge the battery with the lid of the case closed tightly in a waterproof and dustproof manner.  12-volt DC out: a standard female cigarette lighter socket is implanted in a sidewall of the hardcase and will deliver up to 15 amps/180 watts of 12-volt DC power.


     The hard case portion of the system weighs 100 pounds.  This system will be shipped via Fed Ex freight on a wooden pallet and shrink wrapped, weighs in excess of 160 pounds when properly packaged, and cannot be ordered directly from the website.  Please call 770 639 2244 for ordering. 


     In the photo below, one can see the hard case standing upright with its telescoping retractable handle that is used only to pull the hard case on its wheels.  The four fold out 88-watt (folded) solar panels are leaning against the left side of the hard case.  The extension connector-cables that connect the solar panels to the hard case are enclosed inside the hard case.



In the photo below, one can see the hard case standing upright and surrounded by the four partially unfolded 88-watt fold out solar panels.



In the photo below, one can see the four unfolded 88-watt high-efficiency portable solar panels leaning against a fence and facing the sun.



In the photo below, one can see the hard case sitting flat on the ground with its side that contains the twin implanted solar power input connectors facing the viewer.



In the three photos below, one can see the solar power input connector with its dust cover closed, with its dust cover open, and with the extension connector-cable from the solar panels plugged in.



In the photo below, one can see the standard 12-volt female cigarette lighter socket inplanted in a sidewall of the hardcase.  The socket can be used for devices that require 12-volts DC and that can be plugged into a cigarette lighter socket.




In the photo below, one can see the hard case with its lid opened, the 97AH Gel battery, the twin MPPT solar charge controllers, the fused power distributor, the 600-watt inverter, and the bag that contains extra fuses and paperwork.



In the photo below, one can see a different view of the hard case with its lid opened, the inverter with its pair of AC outlets, the 12-volt DC socket implanted in the sidewall of the hard case, and the other electronics.