Powerenz FAQ's

Powerenz FAQ's

1.  How long does it take for the portable solar power units to fully recharge? 

In ideal sunlight conditions, the battery power capacity in watt-hours (12 volts X battery amp-hours) divided by the average incoming solar watts equals the approximate number of hours to recharge the battery. See the specific product pages for more information on this topic.

2.  Can the portable solar power units be used while recharging? 

Yes, definitely.  Most of the systems are configured such that incoming solar watts can be used simultaneously with an applied load.

3.  Can you make a solar power unit to meet any possible application? 

A system can be made to match most any portable or semi-portable solar power application.

4.  Payment options? 

PayPal, credit cards via Authorize.net, checks, and bank wire transfers

5.  How much power does my portable solar power unit need? 

Virtually every electronic device includes a display of its power draw in volts and amps.  This information is written either on the device, on the device's AC or DC adapter, or in the User's Manual.  The power draw of the device in watts (volts X amps) times the anticipated number of hours of device use each day will approximate the power a unit must supply each day.  For two or more devices, the power draws are additive.

6.  Which solar power unit do I need? 

The solar power units that are displayed on the website are examples of the available systems and what can be assembled.  The power unit a client needs is the one that matches the client's application.  For this reason, each unit is unique in design and function.  So give us a call at 770.639.2244 and let’s discuss how we can meet your portable solar power needs.