Desert Heat

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Desert Heat

     Desert Heat can provide up to 360 watts of modified sine wave 120VAC power, and is best suited to provide power for all small and medium size electronic devices.  The pair of high-efficiency 88-watt foldable solar panels (total 176 watts) allows one to harvest adequate energy throughout the day with a relatively small-footprint.  That, in conjunction with the ability of the MPPT solar charge controllers to harvest up to 30% more energy than non-MPPT controllers, makes this system superior and powerful.    

In the photo below, one can see the mil spec hard case in olive drab that encloses the battery pack and electronics, and the pair of 88-watt, high-efficiency, foldable solar panels (stored separately).

MPPT portable solar power system  

     Desert Heat includes: Battery - 100 amp-hour, 1280 watt-hour, 12.8-volt lithium iron phosphate unit; Solar Charge Controllers - pair of 10.5-amp/140-watt MPPT units, each of which is able to manage the power production of one or two 88-watt solar panels; Solar Array - pair of 88-watt foldable solar panels - we are excited and proud to introduce another edition to our series of high-performance folding solar panels.  These hi-efficiency, water (IP65)- and weather-proof, uv-resistant, fold out solar panels come in dgital ACU camouflage or green-brown jungle camouflage, and have the following nominal output ratings at Pmax: 88 watts; 5.165 amps; 17.024 volts.  Their open circuit voltage is 20.38 volts, and their short circuit current is 5.727 amps.  These superior panels are manufactured in the USA using high-quality monocrystalline solar cells, the rated efficiency of which is 18.4%.  Each panel weighs 8.1 pounds, and measures 23 x 12 x 2 inches folded, and 48 x 23 x 1/8 inches unfolded (7.03 square feet).  In each corner of each panel, there is a metal grommet or ringlet that can be used to secure the panel to the ground or to another support device. The camouflage pattern covers the external (non-solar cell side) surface of the foldable solar panels.  On the solar cell side, the space between and around the cells is white in an attempt to keep the panels cooler and to maximize their efficiency; Inverter - rated continuous 450-watt, 12-volt DC - to - 120-volt AC/60 Hz modified sine wave unit that has a pair of AC outlets, an ON-OFF switch, a thermostatically-controlled cooling fan, battery low-voltage alarm and shutdown, and a single standard female USB port.  The power output from the inverter is limited to 360 watts by a 30-amp circuit breaker; Hard case - an FED-STD-101C, ATA 300, MIL-STD-810F approved case in solid olive drab encloses the battery pack, the solar charge controllers, and the inverter.  The portable solar panels are carried separately.  A pair of solar power input connectors are implanted in the walls of the case, and that allows the battery pack to be solar charged with the lid of the case closed.  The lid of the case must be opened to access the inverter. 

     All connectors and cables are included.

    The hard case weighs 51.3 pounds.  The pair of solar panels plus extension cables weighs 18 pounds.  The complete system weighs 69.3 pounds.

     Optional: a 20-amp AC-powered battery charger that operates on worldwide AC voltages may be added to the system for an additional $145.50.  A 400-watt pure sine wave inverter may be substituted for the 450-watt modified sine wave inverter for an aditional cost of $75.00.

     For those applications where 12-volt DC is required, the system can be modified easily to accomodate that request.

     ***This system is scalable/modular in that two or more identical units may be linked together in parallel to increase the energy storage capacity of the battery bank, and the overall power of the system.  For example, 5 such systems linked in parallel increases the energy storage capacity of the battery bank to 6.4 kilowatt-hours, and the potential power of the solar array to 880 watts.

     This advanced system is palletized and shrink-wrapped for shipping, and cannot be ordered directly from the website.  Please call 770 639 2244 for questions and ordering. 

In the photo below, one can see the mil spec hard case in olive drab, and the two 88-watt, high-efficiency, foldable solar panels in digital ACU camouflage behind and leaning against the hard case.  In the hard case are enclosed the battery pack and other electronics.

solar charge controllers

In the two photos below, one can see the pair of solar power input connectors that are implanted in the sidewall of the hard case, and that are closed, and then opened.  These are where the cables from the solar panels plug into the hard case for recharging the battery pack.

foldable solar panel system

military solar power systems

In the two photos below, one can see the mil spec hard case in olive drab with its lid closed, then open, and the two 88-watt, high-efficiency, folding solar panels laying on the ground to either side of the hard case.

monocrystalline cells

MPPT Controllers

In the photo below, one can see the inverter with its pair of AC outlets, single USB port, and ON-OFF switch.

MPPT Solar

 In the photo below, one can see the mil spec hard case in olive drab with its lid open, and the two 88-watt, high-efficiency, fold out solar panels deployed and laying on the ground to either side of the hard case.