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Powerenz Solar Panel - 120 Watt

     *** This panel comes in nominal 24-volt, and requires an appropriate solar charge controller to recharge 12-volt or 24-volt batteries.  Please call 770 639 2244 if you have questions about this solar panel, or to inform us which nominal voltage you require.  The nominal 24-volt solar panel comes as either a 4-cell, or as an 8-cell unit.

     In the three photos below, one can see the 120-watt, 4-cell, high-efficiency, lightweight foldable solar panel folded and laying on the grass.  The solar power output cable can be seen as it exits from the built-in storage pouch.  The optional extension cable is not plugged in, and then it is plugged into the solar panel.  The panel has metal grommets in each corner that can be used to secure the solar panel to another object.


In the two photos below, one can see the  fold out solar panel unfolded and laying on the grass, and with the optional extension cable plugged into the solar panel.

In the photo below, one can see that the optional extension cable ends in a pair of Anderson Power Poles.  Instead of the Anderson Power Poles, we can substitute a variety of other connectors/adapters depending on the needs of the end user.


     This high-efficiency, lightweight folding solar panel is the latest in our armamentarium of cutting edge products.  Configured using 24.2% - efficient solar cells that are meticulously incorporated into heavy duty and waterproof nylon fabric backing, this fold out solar panel will get the job done.  The color of the fabric is solid black.  Following are the basic electrical and performance specs for the different 120-watt solar panels:

     Nominal 24 volt solar panel (4-cell)

     Voltage @ Pmax = 36VDC

     Current @ Pmax = 3.33 amps

     Open circuit voltage (Voc) = 43.2VDC

     Short circuit current (Isc) = 3.98 amps

     Weight = 7.7 pounds

     Dimensions folded (inches) = 22 7/16 x 15 3/4 x 1

     Dimensions unfolded (inches) = not including the unfolded Velcro closure flap (folded underneath the solar panel) = 62 x 22 1/2 inches; including the unfolded Velcro closure flap (as shown in the photos) = approximately 77 - 77 5/8 x 22 3/8 - 22 1/2

     ***The nominal 24-volt solar panel also comes as an 8-cell version, and has the following dimensions in inches:

     Folded: 15 3/4 x 12 1/4 x 2

     Unfolded: 48 x 31

     The electrical performance specs are the same as those of the 4-cell unit .

               The power output cable that is attached/hard wired to the solar panel consists of a standard SAE twin-plug trailer connector or standard Anderson Powerpoles that come with standard polarity, can be adapted to mate with a variety of connectors, solar charge controllers, etc., and that is enclosed in a small fabric pocket that is built into the solar panel.

     The folded configuration of the panel is maintained by a Velcro closure flap.

     This type of panel also comes with power ratings of 30-watt, 60-watt, and 150-watt units in stock.



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