Hi-Efficiency Foldable Solar Panel - 75-watt

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Hi-Efficiency Foldable Solar Panel - 75-watt

     This hi-efficiency, water- and weather-proof, uv-resistant, CE-certified, foldable solar panel comes in solid black, and has the following nominal output ratings: 75 watts; 3.75 amps; 20 volts.  Its open circuit voltage is 24.2 volts, and its short circuit current is 4 amps.  The panel is manufactured using high-quality monocrystalline solar cells, the rated efficiency of which is 16-17%.  The panel weighs 8.3 pounds, and measures 18.83 x 12 x 1 inches folded, and 63.75 x 18.83 inches unfolded.  The power output connector is a standard SAE twin-plug trailer connector to which a variety of standard adapters and solar charge controllers may be linked with standard polarity configuration.

In the photo below, one can see the high-efficiency 75-watt folding solar panel in digital green-brown camouflage, unfolded and leaning against a wall.  We no longer have this panel in digital camouflage.  Instead, we have it in solid black.