Solar Wind - 20W

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Solar Wind - 20W 

In the photo below, one can see a 20-watt mil-spec foldable solar panel in black, unfolded and recharging the battery via the short extension-connector cable.  

     Solar Wind - 20W can be useful for applications where high energy density and minimal weight are important, is best suited to provide power for small portable electronic devices up to the size of a laptop, and performs best with smaller energy-efficient laptops and other devices.  For a mountaineering expedition where one needs to recharge more than AA/AAA batteries, this would be a good choice for a power system.  The system can power a variety of portable DC-powered electronic devices that require 5, 12, 16, or 19-volts DC up to 57 watts, and can recharge itself in sunlight using the included foldable solar panel.  Small 12-volt DC-powered devices can be operated by plugging into the included female cigarette lighter socket adapter, and by setting the battery voltage to 12-volts.

     Solar Wind - 20W includes: Battery - rechargeable, 16 amp-hour/60 watt-hour lithium battery that will charge and/or power up most laptops, iPads, Tablets, iPhones and other smart phones, and digital cameras. The battery can be recharged via the included solar panel (all connectors and cables are included; recharge time from empty to full = 6-7 hours) or via the included worldwide, 2.1-amp, AC-powered battery charger (recharge time from empty to full = 6 hours).  The battery features two DC power output ports: a higher-voltage port for laptops, and a standard female Type A USB port for phones, iPads, and other USB-charged devices  The user-selectable DC power output ports provide the following voltages/currents: 5V/2A, 12V/4A, 16V/3.5A, and 19V/3A.  The battery comes with a push-button fuel gauge that displays the state-of-charge of the battery via a series of five red LEDs, comes with a series of adapters that fit a variety of USB-charged devices and laptops, meaures 7.3 x 4.9 x 0.6 inches, and weighs 1.1 pounds.  Solar panel -one CE, FCC, and Std MIL 810F-certified, folding 20-watt/1.2-amp unit in solid black that weighs 1.27 pounds, that will require approximately 3.5-4 hours of peak sunlight to completely recharge each battery if it is depleted, and that measures 31.7 x 30 inches when unfolded, and 11 x 6.5 x 1.3 inches when folded.   A connector-extension cable that links the solar panel to the battery pack is included.    

     The entire system weighs 3.2 pounds.  When off-grid, the AC-powered battery charger will not be needed, and the system weighs 2.8 pounds.

     We offer this system with a 30-watt/1.8-amp fold out solar panel for those users who need to recharge the battery more quickly.

In the photo below, one can see a 20-watt mil-spec fold out solar panel recharging the battery via the short extension-connector cable.  

In the photo below, one can see the 20-watt mil-spec solar panel, the battery, and the short extension-connector cable that links the two.

In the photo below, one can see the battery sitting on the portable solar panel, and all of the accessories, including the connector cable that links the solar panel to the battery, the AC-powered battery charger, the cigarette lighter socket adapter, the USB-out cable and a variety of USB connectors, and the DC-out cable and a variety of laptop power plugs.


In the photo below, one can see the battery sitting on the solar panel, the cigarette lighter socket adapter plugged into the battery, and the other included accessories - the AC-powered battery charger and an assortment of laptop power plugs and USB adapters.

In the photo below, one can see the battery as it is being used to recharge an iPhone.