Powerenz LFP17 Sling Pack

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Powerenz LFP17 Sling Pack

In the photo below, one can see a 30-watt mil-spec foldable solar panel unfolded, a sling pack opened and showing the cigarette lighter socket, the 3-amp AC-powered battery charger, and a 150-watt inverter.  The latest system that is for sale comes with a superior 120-watt pure sine wave inverter (not the inverter that is shown in the photos).


     Powerenz LFP17 Sling Pack can be carried during events where abundant power and minimal weight are critical.  The system can power a variety of portable electronic devices that require 12 volts DC up to 15 amps/180 watts, 100-120 volts AC up to a continuous 120 watts, and can recharge itself in sunlight using the included folding solar panel.  If the power draw on the battery is 60 watts, the battery will last approximately 3.5 hours in the absence of incoming solar power before it needs to be recharged.  The battery, solar charge controller, inverter, AC charger, and cigarette lighter socket adapter are enclosed in a durable sling pack.  The fold out solar panel remains outside of the bag. 

     12-volt DC power is accessible via a female cigarette lighter socket.

      Powerenz LFP17 Sling Pack includes: Battery - a rechargeable, 12.8-volt, 17 amp-hour, 217.6 watt-hour, lithium iron phosphate unit.  The battery can be charged directly from the solar panel via the solar charge controller, or via the AC-powered charger when the grid is available, and should be recharged every 2-3 months; Solar panel one CE, FCC, and Std MIL 810F-certified, foldable 30-watt/1.8-amp unit that weighs 1.76 pounds, that will require approximately 8-9 hours of peak sunlight to completely recharge the battery, and that measures 47 x 25.25 inches when unfolded, and 12.75 x 7 x 1.3 inches when folded.   A connector-extension cable that links the solar panel to the battery is includedSolar Charge Controller - 5-amp/65-watt MPPT unit that weighs 2.8 ounces, and that is controlled by a  circuit breaker that doubles as an ON-OFF switch;  Inverter – 12-volt DC to 120-volt AC, 120 continuous watt, pure sine wave unit that plugs into the 12-volt female DC socket, and that also has one standard female USB charge port (5VDC/0.5 amps);  Carrying bag/pack – superior quality, heavy-duty sling pack by Maxpedition in either solid black or digital ACU camouflage; and, AC charger - smart, worldwide, 3-amp charger that will accept 100-240VAC/50-60 Hz, that plugs directly into the cigarette lighter socket adapter, and that will take 5-6 hours to completely recharge the battery.


     The entire system weighs approximately 9 pounds.  The AC-powered charger will not be needed when the system is used off-grid, and the system will then weigh under 9 pounds.


     This system can be assembled with a slightly larger 20 amp-hour LFP battery (LFP20) in a waterproof hard case.  Please call 770 639 2244 for details or questions.


In the photo below, one can see a foldable solar panel folded and leaning against sling pack.