FireFly UltraLight - Hard Case

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 FireFly Ultralight - Hard Case

     FireFly Ultralight - Hard Case can be carried during events where high energy density and minimal weight are critical, and is best suited to provide power for small, portable, 12-volt DC-powered and USB electronics.  To reduce the weight of the system to a bare minimum, the components have been trimmed down to the essentials, and the appearance is one of open architecture.  The system can power a variety of portable electronic devices that require 12 volts DC up to 8 amps/88 watts, 5-volts USB up to 2.1 amps, and can recharge itself in sunlight using the included foldable solar panel.  If the power draw on the battery is 20 watts, the battery will last approximately 2 hours in the absence of incoming solar power before it needs to be recharged.  The battery, solar charge controller, solar power input connector/cable, and 12-volt female cigarette lighter socket/cable are housed inside a waterproof hard case.  The folding solar panel, USB adapter, and AC-powered battery charger remain outside of the pack.  12-volt DC power is accessible via the female cigarette lighter socket.  5-volt USB charging power is provided by an adapter that plugs into the cigarette lighter socket.  If the power draw on the battery exceeds 8 amps, power from the battery pack will be interrupted until the load is removed.

     FireFly Ultralight - Hard Case includes: Battery - a rechargeable, 11.1-volt, 4.25 amp-hour, 47.17 watt-hour, lithium ion - polymer unit.  The protective circuitry of the battery limits the maximum discharge current to 8 amps.  The battery can be charged directly from the solar panel via the solar charge controller, or via the smart, 1.5-amp, 100-240VAC-powered charger when the grid is available (4-4.5-hour charging time).  To charge the battery, the AC-powered battery charger plugs directly into the cigarette lighter socket; Fuel gauge - the battery comes with a push-button fuel gauge that indicates the state of charge (remaining energy) of the battery via a series of red LED's; Solar panel - CE-certified, foldable 6-watt/300-milliamp unit that will require 9-10 hours of peak sunlight to completely recharge the battery if it is depleted, and that measures 20.63 x 11.25 inches when unfolded, and 11.25 x 8 inches when foldedSolar Charge Controller - 4-amp/50-watt MPPT unit.  If the system is stored for a prolonged period of time, the battery pack should be charged every 2-4 weeks in order to avoid complete discharge; USB adapter - plugs directly into the cigarette lighter socket, and has two standard female Type A USB charge ports, one that provides 1 amp of current, and the other that provides 2.1 amps of current for your power hungry iPad; Hard case – Mil-STD 810F 512.4 and IP-67-certified water, dust, and crush-proof hard case that measures 8.75 x 7.5 x 3.88 inches in external dimensions.  


     The complete system weighs 4.2 pounds.  The AC-powered charger will not be needed when the system is used off-grid, and the system then weighs 3.3 pounds.


     In the photo below, one can see the 6-watt folding solar panel in digital green-brown camouflage, folded, the mil-spec hard case in brown-black camouflage, the AC-powered battery charger, and the extension cable that links the solar panel to the charge controller.




In the photo below, one can see the 6-watt fold out solar panel, unfolded, connected to and charging the battery pack, and the hard case with its cover opened and showing the cigarette lighter socket.




In the photo below, one can see the solar panel, unfolded, connected to and recharging the battery, and the hard case with its cover open and showing the MPPT charge controller, the push-button fuel gauge, and the 12-volt DC output connector into which the cigarette lighter socket plugs for power.