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     Space Warmer 

     *** This Space Warmer operates only via a source of 12-volt DC.  It cannot be plugged into a wall AC outlet.

In the photo below, one can see the space warmer, its connecting wires off to the right, the two reddish heating elements in the front of the warmer, and the fan behind the two heating elements.

     This is the most durable and longest lasting small space and cab warmer in the world, is built by hand in the USA, provides instant warmth, operates from 12-volts DC, comes with a 2-year parts and labor warranty, and can be used with our medium size and larger portable solar power systems (40 amp-hour battery and larger).  We prefer to use the phrase "space warmer" rather than "space heater" because we do not want to give anyone the impression that this device will "heat up" a large space or a room when being used off-grid.  Any electronic device that creates heat, especially those that are used to cook food, or to heat a room, consume a large amount of power and energy.  In an off-grid situation, one cannot afford to consume a large amount of power or energy.  We chose to couple this space warmer with our portable solar power systems because of its quality and relatively lower power draw.  The warmer has 2 settings, low and high.  On the low setting, the first of two identical heating elements will operate at approximately 11 amps/120-130 watts.  On the high setting, both heating elements will operate at approximately 22 amps/240-260 watts.  This warmer is designed to provide a small amount of heat that will raise the temperature in a small room, a small tent, or a deer stand/shelter, and will take the edge off of the cold.  Since the device draws power from a portable battery pack, the higher the power draw, the shorter the length of time that the battery pack will last.  One may benefit from a small amount of heat for a longer time, or from a larger amount of heat for a shorter time, and one should not expect this warmer to heat up a larger room or tent from very cold to warm.    

     These warmers are built by hand in the USA using only the very best parts, motors, and wire, and are designed to last the user a lifetime, not a season.  The warmers are not constructed of snap together plastic and cheap internal parts.  Their housings are constructed of vinyl clad aircraft aluminum which is riveted together.  These warmers will work in any application where there is a source of 12-volt DC power, including cars, trucks, vans, busses, heavy equipment, or any outdoor or off-grid circumstance, and they can be configured for other/higher DC voltages and wattages.  They aren’t your average space heater, but offer the ultimate in durability and reliability, and they excel in the harshest of environments.

     The newly designed brushless fan has proven to work well along with sensitive electronics that are found in some of todays' equipment, and it has proven to have very little EMI noise when tested on a scope.  The newly designed fan and motor assembly, proprietary vacuum sealed heating element, and vibration dampeners are featured in the brushless warmer.  This space warmer is the perfect choice for the user who requires reliable INSTANT warmth in just a few minutes.  There are no water lines to run, no fittings to install, no corroded core to worry about down the road, and, most importantly, INSTANT WARMTH with no warm up time!  These warmers feature proprietary heating elements that have been tested to have a life expectancy of 10,000 hours, that are vacuum sealed, that operate at temperatures in excess of 650 degrees, and that are up to 300% more efficient than standard alloy heater elements.  They are simple to set up, connect to our portable solar power systems, and simple to operate in minutes.  Measuring only 6 x 5 x 4 inches, the warmer will fit in virtually any small space, and is easy to pack.  

     Special features and basic specs include:

          a. Brushless 50,000-hour Ball Bearing Fan

          b. 10,000-Hour Vacuum-Sealed Heating Elements.

          c. Case Construction: Riveted T5052 Aircraft Aluminum.

          d. Wired Entirely with GXL Wire

          e. Thermally Protected

          f. HIGH HEAT, LOW HEAT, and OFF Settings 

          g. Comes complete with fuse-protected connector-cable that is used to connect the heater to the power system

          h. TWO YEAR Parts AND Labor Warranty 

          i. 3674 BTU's       

     Brushless fan specs and features include ball bearings, 12-volt DC, 0.3 amps, 3.6 watts, 3900 rpm, 52 cfm of air movement, pressure of 6.731, and noise production of 40 db measured at 1 meter from the intake of the heater.

     The space warmer weighs 1.5 pounds with its extension-connector cable, and it weighs 1.35 pounds without the cable.

In the three photos below, one can see the space warmer from three different sides.

In the two photos below, one can see the space warmer connected to its fuse-protected extension-connector cable.

In the photo below, one can see the space warmer connected to the LFP40 Sling Pack system and the 88-watt solar panel unfolded in the background.

In the two photos below, one can see the space warmer connected to the LFP40 Sling Pack system battery pack safely sitting on the stone floor of a very small room.  In the first photo, if one looks carefully, one can see that the upper of the two heating elements is operating and glowing red.  In the second photo, one can see that both heating elements are operating and glowing red.