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Powerenz LED Lamp


     The Powerenz LED Lamp is a multifunctional stationary or mobile lighting device that is designed to meet the needs of nearly any application, including emergencies, prepper situations, off-grid work, rural household needs, camping, and other outdoor recreational activities.  It is manufactured in Germany and is equipped with a high-efficiency power LED and excellent charging technology.  Its flare housing conceals multiple functions as a ceiling-mounted lamp, a portable, hand-held lamp, and a USB charger (for cell phones, MP3 players, and others) – in a single device.  Charging is highly flexible as well: the unit can be powered by solar modules, batteries, or AC adapters.  The integrated highly-efficient MPPT charge controller extends battery lifespan and provides light for up to 55 hours depending on which light intensity setting is chosen.  The robust housing is sealed against water (IP65) and dust.  It also is shock resistant – this protects the electronic components inside from soil, moisture, insects, and malfunctions.

     The key feature of this LED Lamp is that its internal battery pack may be recharge from three sources: a solar modules that produce 7 – 25VDC, a 12-volt car battery, or an included AC adapter.   Additional features include the following: innovative soft touch capacitive  switches that are completely sealed, protected against corrosion, and that eliminate moving internal parts; high environmental protection (IP65) against dust, soil and other climate influences; USB output to charge USB devices e.g. mobile phones, MP3 players, etc.; high-power LED with three adjustable light levels for best comfort; a phosphorescent soft ring around the lamp that allows the lamp to be located easily in the dark; an external remote switching option that allows one to operate the lamp from up to a distance of 10 feet; a blinking red LED battery status indicator that works both when charging and when in use; and automatic reduction of the lighting level when batteries are running down.  This LED Lamp is the only one on the market that has no moving parts thanks to capacitive switches, thus eliminating conventional switch failures, one of the most common reasons for the breakdown of small solar-powered systems.

The three photographs below show some of the features of the LED Lamp

Technical Specs

     Type of Battery – Nickel Metal Hydride, 6-volt (four rechargeable AA in 4S configuration; 2.1 amp-hour charge capacity; low self discharge)

     Full discharge – charge cycles - >500 depending on the average depth of discharge

     Light Intensity – 120 lumens on high setting

     Light spectrum/color – 3950 – 4300 K

     LED – rated to operate > 50,000 hours

     Duration of light – 3 settings: low (20 lumens) = 55 hours; medium (50 lumens) = 16.5 hours; high (120 lumens) = 5.5 hours

     DC Charging Input – Solar: VMPP > 7VDC; Voc < 25VDC; max charge current = 1.5 amps @ 7VDC; or 12-volt battery; max charge current = 0.8 amps

     Barrel connector for DC input = 5.5 x 2.5 mm

     Operating ambient temperature range = minus 20 – plus 50 degrees C.

     Solar charge controller technology = MPPT

     Time to charge via 12-volt battery or AC adapter = 2.5 hours

     Time to recharge a mobile phone via USB port = approximately 2 hours

     Positioning/fastening/hanging device = steel hoop with 7 notches for positioning in 45-degree steps

     Weight = 1.26 pounds

     Dimensions = 11.65 x 6.1 inches

     Waterproof rating = IP65

     USB Charge port data: output voltage = 4.4 – 5.1VDC; nominal output current = 750 mA; overload and short circuit protection; type of port = Type A; can be used to operate/recharge a variety of USB-charged devices

     The Powerenz LED Lamp comes with the following:

a.     LED Lamp,

b.     4 rechargeable NiMH batteries (internal and removable),

c.     barrel connector wire lead with soldered ends to connect to a solar panel or 6 to 12 volt battery terminals,

d.     a lanyard,

e.     a 115-volt AC grid charging adapter,

f.     male cigarette plug car adapter,

g.     a set of USB mobile phone charging connectors,  

h.     a remote USB on/off switch with 10 feet of cable, and

i.      directions.

     The two photographs below show the electronic components that are included in the system.

     For those who would like to purchase the LED Lamp along with a lightweight foldable solar panel and a matching short extension-connector cable, we recommend one 5-watt, high-efficiency, lightweight, foldable solar panel.  This solar panel comes in solid army green, comes with a connector cable that links the solar panel to the charging port of the LED lamp, and will cost an additional $75.00.  Please call us at 770 639 2244 if you would like to purchase this solar charging option.


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