USB Charger - 10W

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USB Charger - 10W

     This USB solar charging system is ideally suited to provide power for small USB devices, like regular cellphones, some smartphones, some iPhones, iPods, small battery chargers, small digital cameras, MP3 players, GPS, small game players, etc.  In the photo below, one can see the battery, the 10-watt foldable solar panel in black, the cable that connects the two, and how easily the system fits in a hand.   

     USB Charger - 10W comes with -  Battery: thinner and lighter (3.9 ounces) than a pack of cards, this 3 amp-hour/11.1 watt-hour, lithium, universal USB battery powers many handheld electronics and can be charged from the included 6-watt solar panel, any USB charge port, a 12-volt DC adapter, or a 120-volt AC adapter.  It produces industry standard 0.6 amps (3.3 watts) from its own USB output port.  The battery has a built-in DC-OUT port, a series of red LEDs that function as a fuel gauge, an ON-OFF button, and comes with the necessary cable and connector accessories; and, Solar Panellightweight, folding solar panel that is easy to transport, is small enough to fit in a larger pocket, is weather and uv-proof, has built-in grommets in each corner that allow for hanging, mounting or securing in nearly any position, and that comes with four caribiners for mounting and support.  The fold out solar panel is rated to produce 2 amps or 10 watts under conditions of optimal sunlight, weighs 0.8 pounds, will require approximately 2.5 hours of optimal sunshine to recharge the battery from empty to full, and comes in solid black.  

     The entire system weighs 1.35 pounds. 

     As long as the electronic device that you intend to charge using this system comes with a cable that plugs into a standard female USB charge port, no additional cables or connectors will be necessary, so there are no special adapters to lose.

In the photo below, one can see the 10-watt foldable solar panel, unfolded, in black, the grommets built into each corner, the four carabiners, and the accessory cables and connectors.

In the photo below, the battery is plugged into the solar panel via the included connector cable, and is charging.

In the photo below, one can see the battery to be sitting on top of the folded 10-watt solar panel, and the accessory cables, connectors, and carabiners.

In the two photos below, one can see how the cable that comes from the solar panel or from one's electronic device plugs into the standard USB port that is built into the battery, and how the battery is being used to recharge a regular cellphone.

      Need to recharge small portable rechargeable batteries for your portable electronics, we have a small and lightweight battery charger that operates via USB-voltage and that is compatible with this system and our other USB-voltage systems.  This battery charger is not normally included in the system above.  Please call or email us for questions and/or a price.  See the three photos below:


     The USB-voltage battery charger may be operated in any of five ways:

     a. plug into a compatible USB-voltage storage battery,

     b. plug into a compatible USB-voltage solar panel,

     c. plug into a 12-volt DC cigarette lighter socket using the included adapter,

     d. plug into an AC wall outlet using the included adapter, or

     e. plug into any standard female USB port.

     The battery charger is a 2-channel (charges two batteries simultaneously) unit that recharges rechargeable 3.7-volt lithium ion 26650, 18650, RCR-123, and 16340 batteries, 3.2-volt LiFePO4 26650, 18650, RCR-123, and 16340 batteries, 1.2-volt NiMH AA, AAA, and C batteries, and 9-volt lithium ion and NiMH batteries.  The charger has a built-in operational LCD display, a user-select button that is used to choose between LiFePO4 and NiMH/Li-ion batteries, and is otherwise fully automatic.  In the presence of good sunshine, plug the battery charger directly into the solar panel that comes with the system above.  Otherwise, plug the battery charger directly into the rechargeable storage battery that comes with the system above.